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Riot Medicine

Riot Medicine is a full-length textbook that covers everything you need to become a medic. The 466 pages include organizing, medcine, equipment, and tactics. It is written for those with no medical training and no experience at protests, but medical practitioners and seasoned protesters will still find it useful.

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Riot Medicine: Field Guide

Riot Medicine: Field Guide is a companion to Riot Medicine to the placed in your medic kit. It's short and sweet: no theory, only bullet points for symptoms and treatment.

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Riot Medicine: Bridge Guide

Riot Medicine: Bridge Guide is an abridged version of Riot Medicine intended for individuals already working in healthcare. Some advanced first aid is covered, as are injuries common at protests and riot control agents. It can be read in just a couple of hours and is a good start before attending your first protest or joining your local medic collective.

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Medicina para motines: Guia de campo

Medicina para motines: Guia de campo un complemento para Riot Medicine que se coloca en su kit médico. Es breve y dulce: sin teoría, solo viñetas para los síntomas y el tratamiento. No hay traducción al español del Riot Medicine en este momento. Lo siento.

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Basic First Aid for Emergencies

This zine covers the basics of first aid to help you and those around you in emergencies. It's short, meant to be packed in your first aid kit and serve as a reference in case you need it. When disaster strikes, help may be hours, days, or even weeks away, and medical resources can be limited. Being able to treat injuries or illnesses yourself can prevent them from becoming serious while waiting for more qualified help, and it can mean one less person who has to be treated by strained medical resources.

This zine was made in collaboration with Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness.

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set -euo pipefail
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    wget "$file"

wget -O - | gpg2 --import

# on success, the output will include the text
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gpg2 --verify-files riot-medicine.pdf.sig

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