As of March, 2020, the content for Riot Medicine is finished. What remains now is indexing, the last of the illustrations, and (most importantly) editing.

Becoming an Editor

To help with editing, both content, layout, and readability, follow these steps.

Get a Copy of Riot Medicine

You will need to get a copy of Riot Medicine. You can do that in two ways, either by downloading a draft copy or by compiling it yourself from source.


The link provided on the download page is intentionally incomplete. You will need to download the latest draft. Download the draft as the file is large, and it will periodically update. To ensure your edits are consistent to a single revision, look at the title page for a line like Pre-Release Edition (181f9d0). This is the revision ID.

Compile From Source

Source material is available on GitLab. Clone the repo and follow the instructions in the README.

Editing Considerations

When editing, please take note of the revision ID on the title page so that I can easily use page numbers to look up your notes. The following list are things to consider when editing:

  • Are there spelling or grammar errors?
  • Do the chapters, sections, and paragraphs flow well together?
  • Was anything awkwardly phrased?
  • Was anything unclear?
  • Was there too much technical jargon?
  • Was there a term you didn't know that wasn't in the glossary?
  • Is anything medically incorrect? This includes illustrations.
  • For anything tactical, are there other viewpoints that should be considered?
  • Look up items in the index.
    • Was the item you were looking for in the index?
    • Were you expecting this item under a different name?
    • Were you expecting more detail (e.g., if you looked up "wounds," were you hoping to see a subheading of "wounds, treatment"?
  • Any general notes you have.

Using one of the methods on the Contact page, get in touch and send me your notes. Preferred method are an annotated PDF or plain text. I do not have software that can open an annotation file (.fdf), so please send the full PDF.